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Healthy Pet News

Healthy pet news

EIGHT YEARS and Counting….

We are celebrating our 8th year in Maplewood.  THANK YOU to our customers, family, friends… thank you to Rachelle L’ecuyer for the time she spent with me explaining Facebook (over and over to me until I got it!)…thanks to our neighbors at Vom Foss and Giselle’s for tolerating the barking that they hear in their shops when we have our events.  Thanks to Bob for giving us the opportunity to be here…. thanks to our fellow independent retailers for bonding together to support each other.  This list of “thank yous” can go on and on…

We love the fact that people know we support cats and birds as much as dogs, that we are not just an Airedale store.  We love participating in Let Them Eat Art, Stringfest, and The Christmas Walk.  We love the community feel, the friendliness, the support.  We love the 40 South News and thank Doug Miner for his support.  We love meeting everyone’s dog and all the sloppy wet kisses we get on a daily basis (what other job has such a perk?) This list of “LOVE” can go on and on…..

What is really great is that our customers know that someday we will get another groomer… (YIPPEE… we have two now!) or that our customers know that if we say we will order it and it does not come in that you know we will do whatever we have to do to get your product (even if it means we go and find it somewhere else for you…).   We strive to educate you on pet nutrition, best pet practices, and how nutrition is SUCH AN VITAL and IMPORTANT PART OF A PET’S HEALTH.

We ARE Maplewood’s Healthy Pet Paradise.   Thank you to our customers from Maplewood, Webster, Brentwood, Richmond Heights, the City, North County, South County and all over the metro area for your patronage and support!   Woof Meow!

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8th Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day

October is the 4th Annual Pit Bull Awareness Month, but did you know that Saturday, October 24th is also the 8th Annual National Pit Bull Awareness Day?  Both celebrations are nationwide initiatives to educate and improve the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier.


To learn more, check out their website:  http://www.nationalpitbullawarenessday.org/




10th Annual National Cat Day

Thursday, October 29th is the official global holiday to celebrate cats for all that they are and the wonderful love they give.    =^..^=


To learn more, check out their website:  http://www.nationalcatday.com/





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